HBMN Program 1: Kairos Course

Area of Ministry: Mission Mobilization

General Information about the Kairos Course

The Kairos Course is a preparation for missionaries, but more than that it is a preparation for churches to send missionaries. Kairos is about God, the Church, and the world. It opens the eyes of the people to the heart of God and His longing for least-reached people groups (LRPG). The goal of the course is to mobilize every believer to focus on the task Jesus gave the church so that all remaining LRPGs hear the Gospel.

The Kairos Course was developed in the Philippines in 1994 as a strategy to mobilize and train an indigenous mission force. The missionaries saw that the churches were NOT mobilizing for missions. Jonathan Lewis’s 15 lesson World Mission Course (WMC) was introduced for Filipino church leaders but they needed a course that was more accessible to the whole church and easily reproducible. In 1994 they condensed the WMC, adapted it to suit different learning styles and in 2004 the WMC became Kairos. The Kairos Course is a ministry of Living Springs International in association with World Outreach and a member of the Perspectives Family. It is now being taken into Bible Colleges, mission organizations, churches and small groups across the globe. Kairos is in nearly 70 countries around the world and has been translated into 30 languages! It is empowering the global church to move out beyond her walls to the local community. Barriers are being broken down and the unreached are being reached as a result of Kairos in local churches.

Impact of the Program

The Kairos Course project was launched in our country in 2013 with our participation. The Kairos Course was promoted by the largest evangelical denomination in our country. It happened in Sofia with the participation of the Mission Department of Pentecostal Assemblies of Bulgaria. Every delegate to the First Kairos Course signed up for additional training to be equipped to serve as Kairos Course Facilitators and thus to promote the Kairos Course to their local church communities.

Areas That Need Improvement

The Kairos Course is a nondenominational ministry project. The initial launch of the project was lacking in the area of successful interdenominational promotion. Therefore all the delegates at the first training course were from the Pentecostal Assemblies of Bulgaria.

One of the important characteristics of Kairos is that it produces unity among denominations for the achievement of the common goal of fulfilling the Great Commission. The idea of the course is not to give us more knowledge but to change our hearts. It is not for any particular denomination but for the body of Christ to be transformed. In the next few years our goal is to promote the Kairos Course across denominational lines. In this way we will have a variety of churches involved and we will have a wider platform for implementing the Kairos Course in Bulgaria.

Challenges to the Kairos Course Bulgaria

The first challenge the Kairos Course faces is the translation of the entire training material from English. The requirements of Living Spring International are for the national Kairos Course Team to be formed and for that team to form a translation committee to be responsible for the translation. Every translator involved must have completed the course training before engaging in translating the material. This is why in the next few years we will invite more translators to get the Kairos Course training so that they can qualify for the translation committee.


We plan to run two Kairos training courses annually. We are looking to raise the budget to organize and host the Kairos Course. Our budget target is $15,000 which will be used for two national training courses and the translation project.

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