HBMN Program 3: Summer Camp

Area of Ministry: Child Evangelism

General Information about Summer Camp

In past years summer camps and outdoor evangelism to teens and youth have been a great testimony to the love and compassion of the Lord Jesus Christ. Many teens were planted into fellowship at established churches in the city of Burgas and in cities like Sliven and Yambol. We witnessed how teens and youth came to the Lord for the first time, others rekindled their love for Christ and found long-sought friends in the teen and youth groups of the local churches. Our team of teen and youth volunteers is growing as a result of the efforts in this ministry.

Impact of the Program

The summer camps reach and touch the lives of many children. The impact we see goes beyond the program and the activities. The compassion of Christ is what drives us forward in this ministry and we see lives changed, hearts healed, loneliness ended, souls coming to Christ and many more encouraged to follow and begin to serve in teen and youth volunteer teams.

Action Steps

The teen and youth summer camps are a great tool for evangelism and discipleship in Bulgaria. The summer camps create a very special environment for young people and families as well. We reach young people and parents in a unique way. We will increase our participation in summer camps through

  • Partnerships with the local churches from various denominations
  • Continue to build a larger volunteer base out of the teens and youth that we have come to minister with in the last 5 years.

The non-denominational nature of our ministry provides the platform for interaction and cooperation with the youth programs of many dynamic local churches. We will continue to serve alongside these churches in the compassion and mercy of God. We work to recruit teen and youth volunteers from the local church by investing time in prayer and fellowship with these leaders. We are expanding our network of volunteers who will be part of the ministry in the years to come.

We needed to improve our planning and coordination with the local churches. Many events scheduled by the churches may coincide with our planned events. Better coordination would make our ministry more efficient and would bring more human resources together.


In the current environment the number one challenge for many ministries is fundraising. This is the reason we are working continually on developing a solid and growing base of donors who understand the strategic value of investing finances in youth and children evangelism and following discipleship.

Our budget target is $5000 which will be used for 70 children and teenagers.


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