HBMN Program 4: Expository Preaching Website ProPoVedi.Org

Area of Ministry: Expository Preaching/Web Ministry

General Information about Preaching Website

ProPoVedi.Org provides biblical and theological resources for anyone who might need them for teaching in the church or for personal spiritual growth, or who otherwise may not have ready access to such resources. We are providing resources in Bulgarian rather than English, especially because Bulgarians have a limited amount of preaching materials available. In 2013 we had another feature added to our online resources – video recordings of the messages.

Every year ProPoVedi.Org has had a number of unique visitors, thousands of visits and opened pages speaking the Word of God and enlightening the visitors.

Impact of the Program

The impact of expository preaching was formulated by John Stott in what is called the Langham Logic.

If God wants his people to grow, which He does, and if they grow by the word of God, which they do, and if the Word of God comes to us mainly through preaching, which it does, then the logical question to ask is: “What can we do to raise the standards of biblical preaching?” Because then the Word of God will come more effectively to the people of God and they will grow to the glory of God Himself.

Action Steps

ProPoVedi.Org was started in 2002. It serves as a platform from which we can influence the spiritual taste of Bulgarian Preachers. In the coming years we would like to enrich and develop it even more. We would like to continue to maintain ProPoVedi.Org as a tool for equipping Christian workers for ministry and as a leading sermon resources website in Bulgaria.

We are looking for new volunteers who can commit time and talent to work on the painstaking job of laying out, editing, and proofreading the message contents.


We have made a commitment not to charge any subscription fees for the material on this site, or to charge fees for church and non-commercial educational use. ProPoVedi.Org does not receive any financial support from any denomination. That simply means that we depend entirely on donations from people who use the site or who share our vision for providing these resources in Bulgaria and around the world.

Our budget target for this project is $4,000 which will help us to acquire valuable study resources and to support, maintain and enrich the website content. The requested budget will also give us the opportunity to recruit talented co-workers who will help us to expand the ministry.

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