HBMN Program 5: Discipleship Multiplication Movement Training

Area of Ministry: Discipleship 
Project: Discipleship Multiplication Movement Training

General Information about Discipleship Multiplication Movement (DMM) Training

Discipleship was the strategy which Jesus gave to his disciples in order for them to reach every ethnic group. Since 2007 we have been able to host discipleship multiplication training courses in a number of Bulgarian cities – Burgas, Varna, Kazanlak, Smolian, Dupnitsa, and even outside of Bulgaria – in Nicosia, Cyprus.

Our primary objective in Discipleship training is to facilitate the multiplication of this ministry in the lives of the trainees by making it easy to reproduce. In an effort to achieve this objective we have looked for various ways of making reproduction natural even for people who have no theological training. The uniqueness of the Discovery Bible Study is that it facilitates self-exploration and the application of Biblical truth in the life of every participant. That is why we focus on the Church Planting Movement approach and the tools of Discovery Bible Study as the most valuable methods of discipleship.

Impact of the Program

DMM training is crucial because it is the foundation for launching DMM in our country. Spreading the vision about DMM and making disciples will empower the local church for spiritual and numerical growth. The closer we are to Jesus’ strategy for expanding the kingdom of God, the healthier we are going to be spiritually. Spiritual health will certainly bring about church growth.

Action Steps

The discipleship seminars are a gateway to the discipleship process. In order for the discipleship movement to be launched in a church, its pastor needs to have a vision and a passion for discipleship, so that trainees begin to practice what they have been taught. It is strange but it is very difficult to identify churches in Bulgaria who live with the vision for reproducing disciples and not just for making converts.

We are looking for US ministry partners who are already involved in the Discipleship Multiplication Movement and who have working DMM models. We invite them to come alongside our ministry and be a catalyst for DMM in Bulgaria.


Our budget target for this program is $3,000.

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