HBMN Program 6: Church Planting Movement (CPM) Training

Area of Ministry: Church Planting 

General Information about Church Planting Movement (CPM) Training

In 2013 after the training we received by Pioneers International in Malta we introduced CPM in Bulgaria. The CPM training that we used was a 10 lesson format adaptation of David Watson’s CPM material called First Steps. We translated the material and we used it at the first CPM training in Bulgaria. We trained 28 people from different denominations. This is a new project for our country and its purpose is to empower the body of Christ in Bulgaria to be missional and work outside the box regarding evangelism and missions.

Impact of the Program

The ultimate goal of CPM training is to empower the local church to change its mission approach. Instead of only having one mother church planting small churches in its immediate area of influence, our desire is to have the church plants develop and mature and become catalysts of church planting themselves which is a ministry of mission multiplication. In this way we will achieve self-sustainability and self-reproduction of the new church plants.

Action Steps

CPM is a project with great value for the Kingdom of God in Bulgaria. Our dream is to be a catalyst for CPM movement in our country. But for this to happen we pray and work to spread the knowledge about CPM among the mission minded believers in Bulgaria. In the coming years we want to train 30 new CPM practitioners from various denominations and in this way spread the vision of CPM further in our country.

This is a new project for our country and we can evaluate its success after several trainings. So far we have done only one. However our experience at the first training was very positive because the participants committed to using the CPM principles and some of them already do it in their mission outreach.

We envision follow-up workshops and building partnership in mission with the trainees and their churches. We are looking for partners in the US who will invest in the harvest field in Bulgaria by supporting CPM.


Because CPM’s vision is to inspire and equip the national church one of the biggest challenges is team building across the country. We want to serve the entire body of Christ and reach as many potential church planters as possible.

Vision casting is the process which will help us training more individuals and equipping more churches with CPM. This is the path we take to reach our goal.

Our budget goal for this project is $8,000 which will equip 30 CPM practitioners.

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