HBMN Program 6: Church Planting Movement (CPM) Training

Area of Ministry: Church Planting 

General Information about Church Planting Movement (CPM) Training

In 2013 after the training we received by Pioneers International in Malta we introduced CPM in Bulgaria. The CPM training that we used was a 10 lesson format adaptation of David Watson’s CPM material called First Steps. We translated the material and we used it at the first CPM training in Bulgaria. We trained 28 people from different denominations. This is a new project for our country and its purpose is to empower the body of Christ in Bulgaria to be missional and work outside the box regarding evangelism and missions. Continue reading “HBMN Program 6: Church Planting Movement (CPM) Training”

HBMN Program 5: Discipleship Multiplication Movement Training

Area of Ministry: Discipleship 
Project: Discipleship Multiplication Movement Training

General Information about Discipleship Multiplication Movement (DMM) Training

Discipleship was the strategy which Jesus gave to his disciples in order for them to reach every ethnic group. Since 2007 we have been able to host discipleship multiplication training courses in a number of Bulgarian cities – Burgas, Varna, Kazanlak, Smolian, Dupnitsa, and even outside of Bulgaria – in Nicosia, Cyprus. Continue reading “HBMN Program 5: Discipleship Multiplication Movement Training”

HBMN Program 4: Expository Preaching Website ProPoVedi.Org

Area of Ministry: Expository Preaching/Web Ministry

General Information about Preaching Website

ProPoVedi.Org provides biblical and theological resources for anyone who might need them for teaching in the church or for personal spiritual growth, or who otherwise may not have ready access to such resources. We are providing resources in Bulgarian rather than English, especially because Bulgarians have a limited amount of preaching materials available. In 2013 we had another feature added to our online resources – video recordings of the messages. Continue reading “HBMN Program 4: Expository Preaching Website ProPoVedi.Org”

HBMN Program 3: Summer Camp

Area of Ministry: Child Evangelism

General Information about Summer Camp

In past years summer camps and outdoor evangelism to teens and youth have been a great testimony to the love and compassion of the Lord Jesus Christ. Many teens were planted into fellowship at established churches in the city of Burgas and in cities like Sliven and Yambol. We witnessed how teens and youth came to the Lord for the first time, others rekindled their love for Christ and found long-sought friends in the teen and youth groups of the local churches. Our team of teen and youth volunteers is growing as a result of the efforts in this ministry. Continue reading “HBMN Program 3: Summer Camp”