Discipleship Multiplication Movement (DMM)

Discipleship Seminars

In January/February 2007 Pastor Simeon was in Keystone, SD for a month of Discipleship training. It was called Keystone Project. Since then we are fully convinced of the strategic importance of Discipleship for the kingdom of God. That is why our goal for the next years is with the help of God to initiate the discipleship movement in Bulgaria. To achieve that we have already done a number of discipleship training seminars – in 2007 in Burgas, in 2008 in Varna and Kazanlak, in 2009 in Smolian and Dupnitsa, in 2011 in Nicosia, Cyprus. The discipleship seminars are a kind of entrance into the discipleship program. We are doing them by invitation of the pastor of the Church so that we can have his support for the discipleship movement in his church.

Discipleship Program

We have already developed study materials that are divided into two parts:

  • Part One – Caching the Vision for Discipleship
  • Part Two – Spiritual Disciplines

These materials are organized in such a fashion that they can be reproducible by lay believers. In this way, they can use them in training their own disciples.

Looking for Partners

We are looking for a church or group of churches in the United States that are involved in Discipleship and that have workable Discipleship models and who can come to Bulgaria and teach and support our attempt to initialize the Discipleship movement in Bulgaria. For us, this ministry is crucial because it is the foundation for starting a Church-planting movement in our country. We just cannot put the cart in front of the horse by talking about new churches when we do not have new Disciples of Christ.

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