Kairos Course


Kairos 1 – Sofia, October 2013


Kairos 2 – Sofia, May 2014
Kairos 3 – Sofia, September 2014


Kairos 5 – Burgas, November 2015


Kairos 6 – Plovdiv, February 2016
Kairos 7 – Shumen, May 2016
Kairos 8 – Ruse, October 2016


Kairos 9 – Plovdiv, February 2017
Kairos 10 – Burgas, March 2017
Kairos 11 – Karlovo, June, 2017
Kairos 12 – Sliven, October 2017
Kairos 13 – Pleven, November 2017


Kairos 14 – Sofia (Saint Trivelius), February 2018
Kairos 15 – Plovdiv, June 2018
Kairos 16 – Varna, July 2018


Kairos 17 – Shumen, January 2019
Kairos 18 – Sofia, February 2019
Kairos 19 – Karnobat, February 2019
Kairos 20 – May 2019
Kairos 21 – Plovdiv, March 2019
Kairos 22 – Sliven, May 2019
Kairos 23 – Sofia, June 2019
Kairos 24 – Sofia, November 2019


Kairos 25 – Burgas, February 2020
Kairos 26 – Karnobat, June 2020


Kairos 27 – Kazanlak – April, 2021
Kairos 28 – Plovdiv, May 2021
Kairos 29 – Karnobat, May 2021
Kairos 30 – Burgas, August 2021


Kairos 31 – Sofia, February 2022
Kairos 32 – Sliven, February 2022
Kairos 33 – Пловдив, June 2022


Kairos 34 – Veliko Tarnovo, February 2023
Kairos 35 – Plovdiv, February 2023

Our Path to Maturity

Have you ever wondered why God chose to communicate the gospel through us and not through angels? I mean, the angels already had an excellent track record, hadn’t they? For example, they effectively communicated God’s message to the shepherds, who immediately left what they were doing and went to Bethlehem in search of Jesus.

So why did God choose us instead? The answer is evident when we understand God’s greater mission agenda. God’s mission agenda is twofold. Not only is God concerned about saving people, but he is also concerned about getting his saved people mature. Discipleship is God’s goal for all his saved people without exception. And in God’s wisdom and genius, God has designed our participation with him on a mission to be the means by which we mature. Living a life on mission with God is our discipleship pathway. As we lay down our life for him and the gospel – that’s the mission, right? Mark 8:35 – that is how the wheels of our transformation really begin to turn.

Our maturity begins to soar as we embrace life on mission with God 24/7. It did for the disciples, it did for me, it has for many of us, and it will do it for you. So, the mission has a twofold blessing: through the mission, the unsaved get saved, and the saved get discipled. As a result, God gets glorified, so mission contains a threefold blessing. Living a life on mission with God is win, win, win.

The Beginning of the Kairos Course

The Kairos Course is a preparation for missionaries, but more than that it is a preparation for churches to send missionaries. Kairos is about God, the Church, and the world, and it opens the eyes of the people to the heart of God and His longing for least-reached people groups (LRPG). The goal of the course is to mobilize every believer to focus on the task Jesus gave the Church so that all remaining LRPGs hear the Gospel.

The Kairos Course was developed in the Philippines in 1994 as a strategy to mobilize and train an indigenous mission force. The missionaries saw that the churches were NOT mobilizing for missions. Jonathan Lewis’s 15-lesson World Mission Course (WMC) was introduced to Filipino church leaders, but they needed a course that was more accessible to the whole Church and easily reproducible. In 1994 they condensed the WMC, adapted it to suit different learning styles, and in 2004 the WMC became Kairos. The Kairos Course is a ministry of Living Springs International in association with World Outreach and a member of the Perspectives Family. It is now being taken into Bible Colleges, mission organizations, churches, and small groups across the globe. Kairos is in nearly 100 countries worldwide and has been translated into 60 languages! It empowers the global Church to move beyond its walls to the local community. Barriers are being broken down, and the unreached are being reached due to Kairos in local churches.

One of the essential characteristics of Kairos is that it produces unity among denominations to achieve the common goal of fulfilling the Great Commission. The idea of the course is not to give us more knowledge but to change our hearts. It is not for any particular denomination but the body of Christ.

Kairos Start in Bulgaria

We launched Kairos Course in Bulgaria in 2013 and promoted it to the most prominent evangelical denomination in our country. The first Kairos Course in Bulgaria was conducted in Sofia with the participation of the Mission Department of Pentecostal Assemblies of Bulgaria. Every delegate to the First Kairos Course signed up for Kairos Facilitator Training to be equipped to serve as Kairos Course Facilitator and thus to promote the Kairos Course to their local church communities.