Hope for the Balkans Mission Network is all about equipping, empowering, and training God’s people in the Balkans to win their generation for the Lord Jesus Christ.

Mission Statement

We exist to BRING people to God,
to ESTABLISH them in the faith,
and to EQUIP them for ministry
by pouring ourselves into their lives,
motivating them,
and facilitating their REPRODUCTION
into multiple generations
of Disciples of Christ.

Building Bridges – COLLABORATION

Bulgarian Church is still like a teenager. It wants to be independent, but at the same time, it still needs parental support from the US. Hope for the Balkans aspires to become a bridge between the churches in the US and the churches in Bulgaria to expand the kingdom of God in this part of the world. We connect Churches, Individuals, Missions, and Para-church organizations in the US with the established Evangelical Churches in Bulgaria. Evangelicals in Bulgaria are less than 1% of the entire population. They minister in an unfriendly environment of close to 87% Orthodox and 12% Muslim, and the local media label them as sects and cults. Therefore our ministry seeks to connect the body of Christ in the Balkans with the vibrant and mission-minded churches in the West and particularly in the US.

Mobilizing Churches – MISSION

We facilitate the local churches’ desire to penetrate their neighborhoods, cities, and regions with the love of Christ. We know the churches in Bulgaria and their potential to reach their communities with the Gospel. And our goal is to assist the churches in enhancing their development until they reach their full capacity in ministry. We do it by mobilizing Christians in Bulgaria and the US to serve together in ministry in the Balkans.

Winning the Next Generation – TRANSFORMATION

We serve and support the Church in Bulgaria and the Balkans to reach the next generation for Christ. We nurture them spiritually and guide them as they continue the cycle of reaching and teaching others. We develop a National Discipleship and Church Planting Movements through which we encourage the churches and individuals to be actively involved in fulfilling the Great Commission in our generation.


We adopt our projects to the needs of the people in our mission field. In that sense, we try to be field-driven and keep a panoramic vision instead of focusing on just one thing. Currently, the focus of Hope for the Balkans is Mobilization for Missions with Simply Mobilizing and Expository Preaching with WordParnters.

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