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One of the important principles in missions is that teams do missions. Every mission consists of two main teams – the going team and the sending team. This is what the Bible says in Romans 10:13-15.

13 “Whoever will call upon the name of the Lord will be saved.” 14 How then shall they call upon Him in whom they have not believed? And how shall they believe in Him whom they have not heard? And how shall they hear without a preacher? 15 And how shall they preach unless they are sent?

We are ready to go. But we need your participation too. We believe that the Spirit of God is working in your heart and moving you to join our team. There is something better than going to heaven. It is when you enter paradise to enter there not alone but to bring others with you. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if when you go there, you meet some Bulgarians who will thank you for supporting Hope For The Balkans because as a result of your faithful giving, they have heard the Gospel and have been saved? Let’s do it together because together we can! We are ready to preach/teach and disciple. Are you ready to send us?

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Your prayer support and financial partnership are invaluable to us. Because of your generosity, the lives of many will be changed forever.

You can give online or by check. 

Your donations are tax-deductible. New Life International, Inc. is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization.

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