World Missions Brings World Worship

The following is a short excerpt of the book Evangelism and Missions by Ronald Blue which we find to be inspiring:

Worship is both the initiating force for missions and the inevitable fruit of missions. As people respond to the gospel, they then join the chorus adding their voices in praise to God. World missions brings world worship.

Every Sunday I envision the wonderful wave of adoration that starts at the international dateline where Christians arise on remote islands in the Pacific and head to church. They sing in languages most of us don’t understand. As the globe turns, other believers awaken and join the chorus.

The rising sun begins to shine on Japan and believers there add their praise with an oriental flair. More believers trudge the frozen tundra of Siberia to their little church while small groups huddle in homes across China.

The sun reaches the masses of Asia. It then peaks across the vast continent of Africa and lights up the rolling fields and historic cities of Europe. The massive pipe organs in Austria mix with rhythmic drums of Angola as the strains of the chorus reach heaven. A thousand counterpoint melodies enrich the celestial composition.

The praise chorus reaches a crescendo as sunlight shimmers on the coast of Brazil and sweeps across Latin America. Guitars and tambourines add vitality to the praise. The volume rises as people in South America, Central America, and North America praise the Lord in worship and in song. Indigenous peoples add a special touch to the joyous anthem. They chant in Mam, Otomi, Cakchiquel, Quechua, and a thousand other tongues.

As the praise rises from morning worship services in the Americas, those back in Asia are already lifting new songs in their evening gatherings. There is ceaseless praise in a myriad of tongues that spans the globe and all time zones.

This is the force that drives the work of missions. This is the fruit of missions. Worship is the alpha and omega of our evangelistic endeavors around the world. Worship is the beginning and the end of our witness.

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